About John R. Parker — The Lawyer And The Law Firm

Allow me to introduce myself. I am attorney John R. Parker, the founder and sole practitioner at the Law Offices of John R. Parker. My law firm focuses on the practice areas of personal injury, landlord-tenant law, estate planning and probate. I choose to run my own law practice primarily because I value strong one-on-one collaboration with clients who, in turn, appreciate my availability to customize my services to their needs.

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My Background, My Reputation And My Dedication To Helping Others

Born and raised in Mobile, I pursued higher education at Vanderbilt University, followed by The University of Alabama School of Law. Returning to my hometown, I first gained valuable experience at an insurance defense firm before opening my private law practice three years later.

Since opening this firm, I have represented a great many plaintiffs in injury cases as well as clients facing other legal challenges. Skilled at complex problem-solving, I thrive on the satisfaction of turning a difficult situation into a resolution in my client's favor.

Over these two-plus decades as an actively practicing lawyer in Mobile, I have cultivated a reputation for collegiality, trustworthiness and consideration for what I can do for others. The community — and my clientele in particular — have rewarded me with their respect and esteem. I consciously apply all goodwill to the task of helping my clients come out ahead when life throws curve balls such as accidental injuries or landlord-tenant disputes.

Learn What The Law Offices Of John R. Parker Can Do For You

Now that you know something about me, I hope you will let me know about your legal concerns. Should you decide to work with my firm, you can count on personalized legal counsel and my determined pursuit of the best outcome your case will allow. Schedule an initial consultation by calling 251-415-4326 or sending an email message through this website.